Despite her hearing loss, Line Renaud, 94, keeps working and is enjoying her final days…

Despite having hearing issues and preparing for her impending death, Line Renaud, 94, still collaborates with Dany Boon. The actress, who is shocked that she is still alive, spends her final days doing the things she enjoys.

Some people, particularly Line Renaud, start to consider their own mortality at a certain age. In actuality, the actress has already decided what she wants to do in her final moments. She keeps working in the interim despite health issues.

She surely ranks among the most iconic individuals of her generation. She is not only a skilled actress but also a professional singer, so it makes sense.

The 94-year-old made a cameo appearance in Christian Karion’s movie, which opens this Wednesday. The actress portrays Madeleine, a 92-year-old who recalls her narrative from the last time she traveled to Paris, in this movie.

It is obvious that she has not had an easy few years. For instance, she had a virus a few months ago that endangered her life.

Some stories claim that the actress was unable to leave her home or receive visitors. His loneliness seemed to be a result of this.

Line Renaud is a woman who doesn’t hold back on her revelations; she not only talks openly about her health but also discusses how she will soon pass away.

It took place as she was speaking with the special envoy’s staff for an interview. On that day, she was candid about how she views her own impending mortality and her plans for it.