Dolly Parton’s new song ‘World on Fire’ calls on Americans to repent. Video

Dolly Parton had an unforgettable appearance at the ACM Awards, not only as a co-host with Garth Brooks but also with the launch of her dramatic new song, «World on Fire.» This moving song is an appeal for America to rediscover its faith in the midst of growing cultural divides and social upheaval.

«World on Fire» is Dolly Parton’s booming plea to a nation she thinks has fallen away from God, with a mix of rock and country elements. She uses her songs to raise attention to what she sees as God’s fading influence in American society. The song’s lyrics are intriguing and thought-provoking, with little room for interpretation. It begins and ends with startling lines:

The world is on fire, liar, liar. What are you going to do when everything burns down? Higher, higher, higher There’s still time to change things around.»

Parton asks probing concerns regarding the present status of religion in America: «I don’t know what to think about us; when did we lose ‘In God We Trust?’ «What are we going to do, God Almighty? If God isn’t hearing and we’re deaf as well,»
Seeking the truth, she questions if society has lost sight of basic decency and the ability to discriminate between right and wrong. Parton highlights the critical need for individuals to care enough to make a difference and challenges if people genuinely care enough to make a difference. Her moving lyrics provide vivid situations to show the difficulties that humans face: «Billy got a gun, Joey got a knife, and Janie got a sign to march in the streets with sticks and stones.» «Do you ever think words don’t break bones?»

The central theme of the song is one of hope and restoration. Parton wonders whether society can come up with and demonstrate love and compassion. She urges listeners not to give up but instead to take the initiative to effect good change. She underlines the need to break away from bad influences while acknowledging the common experience of overcoming hardship.

Dolly Parton has been outspoken about her Christian religion for a long time, and it has had a big effect on her songs. In an interview with Fox News, she said, «My faith influences everything I do because I believe that through God, anything is possible.»