Due to his genetic defect, an Ethiopian street child becomes famous…

Eric Lafforgue has traveled extensively. It is now challenging to surprise him with anything because he has traveled to so many nations. However, he had vivid memories of a recent trip to Ethiopia.

Eric encountered a peculiar boy near one of the bars. He appeared to be just like his peers at first, but as the man drew nearer, he became transfixed by the child’s expression. The black child has sky-blue eyes, which are wholly uncharacteristic of members of this race.

The tourist decided to talk to the kid to learn more about him. The boy’s identity was revealed to be Abash, and Eric Lafforgue later found him living in a shanty next to the eatery.

Waardenburg syndrome is a congenital genetic disease that causes children to have unusually blue eyes. With about one in 300,000 persons having this aberration, it is incredibly uncommon.

Abash’s parents assumed that their kid was born blind out of fear when he was born. They were unable to visit a doctor because of their financial situation, so they were forced to wait for many months before it was discovered that the infant could see clearly.

Then, contrary to what they had previously believed, mom and dad realized that having blue eyes is indeed a gift from God! However, the boy’s uniqueness caused a lot of problems for him personally.

Because of the hue of his eyes, Abash is frequently the target of bullying by younger kids. He is constantly called “plastic eyes” by young wits, and the boy can’t take it.

Abash’s parents chose to give him to his grandma when he was 8 years old so that he may live in the city where the school is situated. The hut had a fire one evening. All of the books and modest property were reduced to ashes. Fortunately, the grandma and the boy were able to escape without getting hurt.

Following this occurrence, the youngster moved to the city because the fire ruined his already little resources and made it impossible for him to afford the daily bus fare to his grandmother’s town.

Abash was ashamed to bring Eric to his new house. “This place is filthy.” He muttered, pointing to the cardboard box that had taken the place of his bed, “It’s disgusting in here.” The restaurant owners who are sympathetic to him across the street from his home are the boy’s only source of support.

Abash believes that his red ball is the most priceless item. He views this as a true gem that he never wants to part with. The young man is an avid football fan and never misses a match while cheering for Barcelona in a neighboring restaurant or bar.

Lionel Messi is the young boy’s idol; Abash simply adores him!

“We have a lot in common. We both differ from other people, the child exclaimed. The young man spends all of his free time playing football with other boys and has aspirations of becoming a great football player. The odd youngster in Eric Lafforgue’s narrative affected readers all over the world. Abash started getting aid from kind people in whatever way they could, including things, food, and textbooks. Numerous individuals wish for Abash’s desire to come true!