This mom was in coma after delivering her baby and only came to senses after 2 months…

Almost every mother likely has lifelong memories of the moment of her child’s birth. Our story’s protagonist was not as fortunate. Throughout her pregnancy, Colvina Jolene experienced a severe brain hemorrhage. It turned out that she had a kid when she woke up.

The likelihood of a young mother waking up from a coma was extremely low (1:10). In the meantime, Maya, her unborn child, thawed twice in the womb before awakening. Later, Colvina acknowledged, “It’s a miracle we both lived.”

When she regained consciousness, the woman says, “I had a gut feeling that I already had a kid and everything was okay with her.” My entire existence was filled with joy when Maya was positioned next to me. The woman never complained about her health during pregnancy until she experienced a very bad headache at 23 weeks. She was able to phone her spouse Matt for assistance before she passed out.

When the EMS team came, the doctors quickly determined that the woman required immediate attention from a neurosurgeon after inspecting her. The doctor had previously informed the family that without surgery, she would not survive. There are very slim odds for the operation to be transferred.

“We were scared that the pressure drops in the brain could damage the fetus, so we continually monitored the course of the pregnancy,” the surgeon who carried out the operation recalled.

We conducted the operation swiftly, although to be honest, I don’t know anyone who would survive after this, stated the neurosurgeon, who was my husband Matt. It was among the most terrifying experiences of my life. I’ve already made preparations in case I lose my wife and daughter.