Elton John once described Michael Jackson as a ‘disturbing person to be around’

In his 2019 memoir titled “Me,” the 77-year-old British pop icon reflected on his encounters with the late ‘King of Pop,’ who passed away in 2009 at the age of 50. Elton John described Michael Jackson as ‘mentally ill’ and ‘unsettling to be around,’ contrasting his early impression of Jackson as an endearing young teenager. He recalled their initial meeting when Jackson was around 13 or 14, portraying him as an incredibly charming individual.

Elton suggested that Jackson’s behavior may have been influenced by prescription drugs, expressing concern for his mental well-being. He noted the shift in Jackson’s demeanor over the years, likening it to Elvis Presley’s seclusion from reality.

Elton’s comments on Jackson’s mental state followed the release of the documentary series “Leaving Neverland,” which delved into allegations of sexual abuse against the singer. Although Elton refrained from addressing the specific allegations, he did mention Jackson’s apparent preference for the company of children.

Furthermore, Elton briefly touched upon his interactions with Queen Elizabeth II, remarking on her private demeanor as surprisingly humorous despite her formal public image. He also fondly recalled his friendship with Princess Diana, affectionately referring to her as the ‘People’s Princess’ and highlighting her remarkable ability to put others at ease in her presence.