The family who looked after Molly the Magpie shared a sad video to help bring Molly back to them

The close bond between Molly, an Australian Magpie, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Peggy abruptly ended recently, leaving Juliette Wells and Reece Mortensen determined to reunite them. Molly gained internet fame after being found by Wells and Mortensen when she fell from a nest and was taken into their home. Molly and Peggy formed an unlikely friendship, amassing hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

However, authorities intervened and confiscated Molly when it was discovered that neither Wells nor Mortensen had the proper training to care for wild animals. The couple made a heartfelt plea on Instagram for Molly’s return, expressing their deep connection with her.

Molly’s removal was in accordance with Australia’s strict wildlife handling laws, which require proper rehabilitation by trained individuals to prevent animals from becoming overly dependent on humans. Unfortunately, officials determined that Molly had become too reliant on humans and could not be safely released back into the wild.

Despite the setback, the Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI) expressed willingness to assist Wells and Mortensen in obtaining the necessary training to rehabilitate wildlife. Many supporters have rallied behind the couple, urging authorities to return Molly to her surrogate family.

The couple cautioned against fraudulent fundraisers and clarified that they are not running any fundraisers, but instead seeking public support through a petition to reunite Molly with them.

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