Everybody’s attention was drawn to the manner Cassel’s wife, a French movie actress, regarded the occasion: “Bellucci can’t really stand beside her”

We should pay special attention to the young wife of French actor Cassel since she is stylish.

Nobody could have remained unaffected by the recent spectacular appearance of French actor V. Cassel and his new bride, the adorable and youthful model Kunakey.

The 25-year-old girl’s marriage to Bellucci’s ex-husband has long been a topic of conversation among network users, but they only recently appeared to accept the choice of the well-known French movie star.

“What a stunning woman in front of us,” “Cassel has superb taste, without a doubt,” and “His ex-wife can’t even stand next to her” are some of the comments others have made about her otherworldly beauty and elegance.

“I can admire her forever,” “It’s difficult to ignore their obvious age difference,” and “With Bellucci, he seemed more harmonized.”

His young granddaughter is walking with her grandpa.

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