Fans Break into Keanu Reeves Property–But Instead of Calling Cops, He Invites Them in for Beer… See what was his plan…

A woman named Chris Johnston recently published an article in which she relates a personal experience that conclusively demonstrates that Keanu Reeves is the most likable celebrity to ever walk the face of the earth.

Johnston and her cousin had traveled to California in 1990 with the intention of watching Johnston’s boyfriend Ned compete in a softball tournament there.

Because Johnston was and still is a huge Keanu Reeves fan, her cousin volunteered to accompany her to the movie star’s home so that she may pay her respects to the actor.

After mustering up their bravery, the two young women climbed over the fence and proceeded to stroll up the driveway before knocking on the front door.

Johnston is not under any illusions about the acts that she took at the time as she is recounting this incident on Facebook now.

According to what she wrote, “If this were to happen today, I am not sure the outcome would be the same.”

“That was a more peaceful era, and in my opinion, it was also a time when people were more innocent.

If this happened today, I’m very sure you’d hear about me on the news…

But even if I could, I wouldn’t do it now.

Obviously, older as well as wiser. I think the fact that we were young and “silly” helped, too!”

However, rather than confronting the youths for trespassing, Reeves began a civil discourse with the spectators.

Johnston adds, “After we told him the tale and asked him not to call the police, he invited us in, gave us a beer, and spoke with us.”

“After we told him the story and asked him not to call the police, he invited us in.” “I told him how I was there for the softball competition that my boyfriend was participating in, and…

Reeves wrote that card for Ned and I with our best wishes to him in the softball tournament,” she said. He was such a cool dude to hang out with!

They said their goodbyes to the movie star after taking a few pictures with him as evidence of the pleasant experience, and then they went to get the images developed.

However, Johnston came perilously close to losing the photographs as a result of an accident involving the film.

“When we departed, I discovered that I had mistakenly exposed the film in the camera; hence, we went straight to a one-hour photo shop in the hopes that the photographs may be salvaged…

After what seemed like an eternity, the only three photographs that were not all yellow due to exposure were…

I was overjoyed because nobody would have ever believed us if they hadn’t seen us. There are times when I simply cannot believe it.

Although the majority of us definitely would not replicate Johnston’s behavior, her story is a great example of how not all superstars have their heads in the clouds.