Shatner and Retailer Make Sure Boy With Autism Always Has Favorite Food… See what else they do…

Everett Botwright, who is 6 years old and has autism, has recently begun to refuse to eat anything that isn’t the dish that has won his heart: Star Wars themed Kraft macaroni and cheese meals.

He does, however, consume the meal that has won his heart.

After having already purchased all of the boxes that they could carry, Everett’s family got extremely distressed when they discovered that the special product had been discontinued at the Walmart in their neighborhood.

Reed Botwright, the child’s father, resorted to social media in an effort to locate anyone who might be able to point them in the direction of a retail location that stocked the limited edition meals.

Reed said on Instagram that one of her son’s peculiarities involves food and that he falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

“It is a challenge to provide him the critical nutrients that he needs, and unlike other children, there is no amount of ‘tough love’ or ‘no treats until you eat your vegetables’ that will work to persuade him to increase the variety of foods that he consumes in his diet.”

After one day, the legendary William Shatner, who played Spock in Star Trek, offered his assistance. [Citation needed]

Tuesday morning, Captain Kirk addressed a tweet to Kraft in which he said, “Could you possibly help? Even if you only have the shaped macaroni left, they can still use the product they have on hand to make cheese sauce.”

While Kraft responded to the message by saying that they were working on a way to help, a local supermarket that had reportedly received “an influx of customers come into the store asking for Star Wars Kraft Dinner” heard about the predicament the Botwright family was in and decided to reach out to offer assistance.

The Real Canadian Superstore in Vancouver placed an order with one of their other locations for 400 boxes of Star Wars Kraft Dinners to be delivered to Everett on Friday.

This order represents a supply of the specialty meals that will last for more than a year.

Reed remarked that he was blown away by the overwhelming show of support. “And completely overpowering.

There is an overwhelming number of lovely and compassionate people in the world.

My confidence in the goodness of people everywhere has been fully revived!