Fans have spotted a ‘major flaw’ in Jennifer Lopez’s Father’s Day message to Ben Affleck amid rumors the pair have called time on their relationship

There has been increasing speculation for some time now about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marital status.
Cally Jones

The relationship between Lopez and Affleck may be going through a difficult moment, according to claims that surfaced in the last few weeks, and the rumors haven’t stopped since.

According to reports, Affleck is presently residing in Brentwood, although J-Lo isn’t with him at the residence.
When Lopez left a dancing studio last month, keen-eyed fans noticed that she was still wearing her wedding band.
Lopez posted a photo of Affleck from his 2001 movie Pearl Harbor on her Instagram Stories in honor of Father’s Day.

“Our champion. She said, “Happy Father’s Day.”

It’s amusing to note that although Lopez and Affleck do not have children together, they do have children from past relationships.

Affleck has three children with his ex-partner Jennifer Garner, while J-Lo has twins with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Fans have pointed out one “major flaw” in the Instagram photo, though, since it shows Affleck and Garner’s first encounter.

In the iconic film, Affleck portrayed Captain Rafe McCawley, while Garner had a supporting role as Sandra, the nurse.
Lopez posted the message shortly after he ‘liked’ an offensive breakup post on social media, which prompted more criticism.

The Instagram post discussed the idea that taking care of oneself is equally important for maintaining a successful relationship.

“You can’t establish a relationship with someone who lacks self-awareness.” When someone is unable to recognize himself, how can we expect them to notice us?” It’s simple to get into a relationship. It is a different story when you nurture and foster it. Love is, after all, a deed rather than a feeling.”

Additionally, while Lopez was promoting her most recent film, Atlas, a journalist approached her last month to inquire about the veracity of the “Ben Affleck rumors.”

Simu Liu, Lopez’s co-star, immediately sprang to her rescue, making Lopez look anxious as she readied her response to the inquiry.

“You know better than that,” Lopez assured the reporter, without explicitly refuting the rumors.

While one of the panelists cautioned the media against asking similar questions, the audience praised the actress for handling the situation.

They said, “C’mon, don’t come in here with that.”