The gamekeeper explained how to easily get rid of mosquitoes and midges in the forest. You don’t need to buy anything…

Many people say that nowadays there are no problems protecting themselves from annoying mosquitoes and midges. You just buy a spray at the store, spray it on, and the insects no longer bother you.

However, most people, myself included, often forget about protective measures when heading out to nature or the dacha.

Moreover, modern aerosols have their drawbacks:

— Short duration of effect, lasting only an hour or two, requiring reapplication;
— A specific chemical smell;
— Potential allergic reactions.

I want to share with you a very simple, safe, and effective way to protect yourself from blood-sucking insects and various gnats.

I learned about this method from an experienced gamekeeper who has spent a lot of time living close to nature.

It requires no effort or time, and you certainly won’t forget the main component at home, as it can be found in the natural environment you’re heading to. Mother Nature has provided everything we need. We just have to find and correctly use her gifts.

So, for this method, you need to find the most common fungus called the tinder fungus (Fomes fomentarius).

It is most commonly found on birches, especially old trees. If you look closely, you’ll likely see this parasitic fungus.

You need to remove the top layer from the fungus using a regular sharp knife.

Then, cut several thin slices from the fungus.

It’s best if the slices are no more than 2-3 mm thick. Here’s what I got:

Take one slice and try to ignite it. It won’t burn; instead, it will smolder and produce smoke, much like the mosquito coils sold in stores.

But the smoke from the tinder fungus, unlike the coils, is completely natural and therefore less harmful. It has a smell, but you quickly get used to it and stop noticing.

The effect is even better than store-bought products. If there’s no wind, insects don’t stand a chance.

To make it convenient, find a small stick, attach a piece of the tinder fungus to it, light it, and stick the stick into the ground.

If it’s very windy, the smoke will dissipate more quickly, but this can be solved by placing several sticks with fungi in windy weather. This way, no mosquito will bother you.