Farmer made the most incredible surprise for his wife for their 50th wedding anniversary

While a bouquet of flowers is a customary gift for anniversaries, Lee Wilson went above and beyond to mark his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife.

The Wichita farmer cultivated around 1.2 million vibrant sunflowers across 80 acres of land for this special occasion. The couple’s anniversary, slated for August 10th, prompted Lee to contemplate a unique gift for his wife. Knowing her love for sunflowers, he decided to plant an expansive field of these beautiful flowers.

Lee, with the assistance of his son, initiated the project in May, successfully keeping it a secret from his wife, Renee, for the next two months. The sunflower field, now resembling a radiant sea of yellow, is located near Highway 54, approximately 4 miles from the Wilsons’ residence in Pratt, Kansas. Despite its stunning visual appeal, Lee has mentioned that this grand gesture will be a one-time event, with no plans for repetition.

Beyond being a heartfelt anniversary present, the sunflower spectacle has turned into a popular tourist attraction, given that sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas. Renee expressed her delight, stating, “It made me feel very special. It couldn’t have been a more perfect anniversary gift than a field of sunflowers.” However, since sunflowers bloom for a brief period, the vibrant scene will only last for about another week.

The Wilsons, who began dating in high school, share a remarkable journey. Lee’s realization that Renee was his life’s “only one” on their first date at a roller-skating party has held true throughout their 50 years of marriage, and they hope for the journey to continue.