For four years, this man lived in the woods as a caveman… He shares how he lives…

4 years ago, Chad Zuber relocated to a desert island and went into the wild. Without having access to tools, grocery stores, or healthcare, he lived like a caveman.

But during this time, the man built an actual residence. Chad is a well-known travel blogger who has gained popularity for his films on living in the wild.

The man traveled across various countries before settling on his longest-lasting experiment, island life, and picked a remote region on a small Puerto Rican island.

He kept a diary online about his daily activities because of satellite Internet. But because Chad knew the rainy season would soon start, he began constructing a more safe home.

The island’s soil is clayey; therefore, the traveler had access to the supplies needed for construction. He chose a level spot, compacted it using handmade equipment, and started to work.

In August 2017, I was successful in creating my first clay brick. “Four months later, I already had 170 bricks; these walls were made from them,” the traveler noted in his journal.

The man went into the forest and lived there for four years like a caveman, but he also built a house. The man was had to consume veggies and eggs from nearby birds.

Following that, the survivalist constructed a bow and arrows for himself, and a fishing pole and food supplies gone. In his most recent video, Chad discussed how the project came to a conclusion.

He got all he desired by exploring the island, and now he wants to embark on another journey. Analyze the evolution of his island lifestyle:

Here is the video: