For her grandchild’s birthday, a grandma travels far, but her daughter won’t let her inside the house…

75-year-old Poppy Walsh was a kind, ordinary American grandma who longed to meet her grandchild. Poppy was eager to meet him when her daughter Natalie gave birth a year ago, but her health issues prohibited her from traveling to see her daughter’s family, who resided in a different state.

Before eating breakfast one morning, Poppy glanced at the calendar and saw that her grandson Max’s birthday was coming up in just two weeks! At the very least, she had to go see him on his first birthday! To surprise her daughter’s family, Poppy pooled all of her savings, purchased a plane ticket, and purchased gifts for them.

Only Poppy understood how much courage she would need to summon on the big day. She wasn’t in the best of health, and she suffered from air sickness, but she would see her grandson’s joy and celebrate his birthday at the other end of the flight, so it was worth it. Poppy at least believed that.

Poppy could not contain her delight when she finally made it to her daughter’s home. She looked in a hand mirror that she had taken from her purse. Although she had wrinkles on her face and appeared feeble, the pressed powder had covered up the most of them, and her lipstick was flawless.

Poppy took a deep breath and straightened out her worn-out cardigan to make herself look acceptable before going to the door. But as soon as she walked through the front door, she heard cheering and the birthday song being sung by the crowd.

Looking out the window into her daughter’s living room, Poppy’s face grew glum. She witnesses Max’s birthday celebrations alongside her daughter’s stepmother, who also resides in a different state.

Poppy asked with tears in her eyes, “How come she didn’t invite me?” She wiped away her tears as she rang the doorbell, and when Natalie opened the door after a few rings, she frowned.

What are you doing here, Mother? As she exits and shuts the door behind her, she asks.

Oh, my honey! Poppy gave her a gentle hug while dabbing away her tears. Has it really been that long? I came to celebrate Max’s birthday and I brought you gifts!

Natalie moved away from her.

«You’ve got to be kidding, Mom! You arrived at our home dressed in that manner?

The elder woman blushed as she gave Poppy a thorough examination from head to toe.

«Mom, get out of here. I don’t want a commotion here.

Poppy gave her a blank stare.

What’s wrong, honey, with my clothes? I haven’t got a chance to meet my grandson, Natalie, so look! In just for him, I took a lengthy vacation. My flight home isn’t due for another week, and I don’t have anywhere to stay here,» she said.

«Well, Mom, that’s your issue. Please don’t wear your old clothes about our nice neighborhood! Wealthy folks in this area are our buddies! Just leave; there’s no need to make everyone miserable. Natalie slammed the door in Poppy’s face and said, “And no, we don’t want any of your cheap gifts!”

Poppy had no choice but to go since she was inconsolable. She left Natalie’s home after rolling the suitcase down the porch. Before departing, she took one more glance at the house, and this time she could not stop crying.

Poppy was lost after some time spent traversing the streets. After all, she had nowhere to go and her ticket home was in a week. After examining the money she had on her, she opted to take a train home after spending some time sitting on the pavement. It would take a while and require a few transfers, but there was no other option.

Poppy followed through on her promise, and when she came home, she sobbed in her chamber. How had her daughter, whom she had reared with such love but who had not hesitated to abandon her, transformed in such a short period of time? When might she get to meet her grandson? That night, Poppy sobbed herself to sleep.

Several days later, Poppy hears the doorbell when she awakens. A strange car is parked in front of her house, which she sees as she looks out of her bedroom window. She quickly put her sweater on and ran downstairs to the door to see who had come.

When Natalie’s spouse Adam, her mom Catherine, and Max are standing in the entryway when she opens the door, she is perplexed.

God, oh God! How did you get here? She quakes and asks. Is everything all right?

Mrs. Walsh, wouldn’t you want to invite us inside? Adam smiled at her and enquired. Max was eager to see his Granny, and we were unable to refuse.

Oh, honey, enter the building. In response, Poppy widened the door for them.

Adam gave Poppy Max to hold as they all settled in, and Poppy couldn’t help but sob.

We’ve finally met, my sweetheart. Do you realize how eager I was to see you? Grandma adores you dearly! She addresses her grandson, who is beaming at her nonstop.

Well, Poppy,’ Catherine said in response. We also wanted to inform you something else in addition to this. Do not misunderstand,…

What is happening? Concerned, Poppy enquired.

Adam explains, “It’s just that, Mrs. Walsh, Natalie and I are having a divorce.”

«What?» Poppy’s mood darkened. «Adam, what are you saying? How did that happen, exactly?

Catherine had seen her when she had visited their home for Max’s birthday, according to Adam, but she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t entered. When Catherine questioned Natalie about it, she was astounded to learn the truth.

I considered what she did to you to be really insulting on her part. Why wouldn’t she let you in? I regret not taking action at the time. Although Adam and I pleaded with her to accept our apologies, she refused.

“Exactly,” Adam said. “Mrs. Walsh.” Things have become out of control, therefore we’re breaking up. She has consented to give me custody of Max because she is unable to care for him. I want to ask you to live with Max and I, please. Once the legalities are finished, Natalie will soon move here, and we don’t want you to put up with her any longer…»

Polly regretted that her daughter’s marriage had failed, but she was aware of Natalie’s obstinacy and self-centeredness. She wouldn’t do it if she didn’t think the connection was worthwhile. Polly eventually decided to move in with Adam after accepting his offer.

Natalie eventually found herself on her own and regretted her choices, but she was only making things worse for herself. On the other hand, Polly is content in her home with Adam and Max and has enough of free time to spend with her endearing grandson.