The child performed Queen’s “Show must go on” in such a manner that all of the judges started to cry… VIDEO attached!

In several nations, talent shows have gained popularity. It’s an opportunity for those with the talent to be recognized and to come to terms with who they are. Even though this youngster is just ten years old, his talent is obvious. Perhaps in the near future, he will have billions of admirers, but for the time being, he has millions of supporters online.

He appeared in the Next Star program in Romania. He performed “Show Must Go On” so well that the jury sobbed in appreciation, and the entire audience gave him a standing ovation.

Despite being blind, Alex Pirvu performs on the Romanian television program “Next Star” despite not being able to see. For a singer so young, his deep voice is remarkably mature, and his capacity for evoking emotion is exceptional. Many individuals are profoundly affected by Pirvu’s capacity to radiate his inner warmth toward them.

In the television competition “Next Star,” 10-year-old Alex Pirvu didn’t even dare to look the judges or the audience in the eye.

The youngster initially appeared to be extremely uneasy, but soon he was obviously in his comfort zone.

I can see why Alex could have felt threatened on stage. He is just ten years old, after all, and is set to perform an interpretation of a timeless song by Freddie Mercury—no small feat!

Alex is able to calm himself as soon as the opening notes of “Show Must Go On” begin to play through the speakers. It doesn’t take long to realize that this boy actually does have an amazing voice!

It truly amazes me at times how small individuals can have such incredible and lovely vocals.

Naturally, the judges were in awe when they heard the 10-year-old boy’s loud, low voice. When the boy began to sing, they were in awe of their ears.

In the video below, you can hear the boy singing for yourself. What a gifted young person!