German woman takes on her partner’s Indian way of life and works on a small farm…

The woman practices the religion, dresses traditionally, and speaks Indian with almost flawless accuracy. Although some have accused her of “cultural appropriation,” many Indians have backed her due to the high regard she has for their traditions.

In recent years, the topic of “cultural appropriation” has attracted a lot of debate. This is characterized as the utilization of a certain culture by someone who does not belong to it, frequently for financial gain. However, many Indians stand up for Juli, a German woman who married an Indian man and converted completely to Indian culture.

The woman is now dressed normally, has converted to faith, and even works on a farm in the country.

“Namastejuli” is the name of Juli’s Instagram account as well as her YouTube channel. She frequently discusses Indian culture, her marriage to an Indian, and how she has progressively absorbed traditions that are completely dissimilar from her own in both of her memoirs.

Despite the young woman’s critics, the Indian community appears to be in favor of her overall based on the lovely comments they frequently leave about her. Sindoor is a crimson or orange cosmetic powder that married ladies typically use at the line where their hair is parted.

The bindi, on the other hand, is a crimson dot that is placed in the middle of the forehead, close to the brows. The color red is typically associated with married ladies while the color black is used for individuals who are single, even if it is not just for women.

Arjun Sharma and Juli were wed in a religious ceremony two years ago. On the video, Juli can be seen speaking in Indian as her husband takes notes as she discusses planting onions on the field. The woman wrote: “I really like basic family life,” along with the recording.

I am really delighted to be living with my family and so close to nature after moving into a village with my spouse a month ago. Many Indian internet users wanted to send her heartfelt messages of encouragement.

For instance, someone said, “I absolutely respect your commitment and straightforwardness. a dedication to Indian culture. Godspeed to Arjun and Juli. Someone else remarked: “You already look Indian. Your conduct is excellent.

Check out the video below!