Girl appeared in a beauty contest without make-up and shocked everyone

Every year we watch beauty competitions and occasionally enjoy the attractiveness of the contestants, their thin looks, and their posture and demeanor on the platform. Sometimes we also strive to fix our looks and seem nice. Similar competitions are aimed at uncovering the beautiful and showcasing it at the international level. This year, a similar event was conducted in Great Britain: the «Miss Great Britain» beauty pageant. The tournament was different from previous years’ owing to a particular contestant who caught attention with her natural attractiveness. She joined the tournament without cosmetics but with her naturally lovely features.

Melissa Rauf, a candidate who did not wear make-up, tried to draw attention by emphasizing that nothing can replace or equal natural beauty. She proceeded to the selection stage sans make-up. The girl didn’t even apply mascara or close her skin blemishes. Against the backdrop of the other contestants, she did not seem very nice since she had not fixed any errors. She emphasized that applying cosmetics at the age of 20 is not a sensible idea.

This brave and self-confident action of hers did not leave the jurors indifferent either. They were both shocked and happy by the girl’s action. The other contestants were sparkling with their makeup. The panel considered the girl’s action a very daring one and sent her to the final round. Many people spoke about her, and her images were posted on the Internet. Once again, we are sure that natural beauty beautifies a person more than any cosmetic product. It makes not only your appearance beautiful but also the soul.