Val Kilmer’s son shared a photo, and we can’t find a difference between him and his famous dad

It’s always inspiring to see our favorite celebrities spending time with their families. We also get to see another aspect of them as fathers once their children have grown up.

Val Kilmer’s children adore him, as seen by the gorgeous Instagram images of their connection with him.

Maverick is the sequel to the well-known 1986 film Top Gun. Fans of all ages were overjoyed to see Tom Cruise’s character, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, reprise the role and get a look into his life as a successful pilot.

The unexpected revelation that Val Kilmer would reprise his renowned role as Tom “Iceman” Kazansky for the film only added to the excitement of thousands of fans!

Because of the actor’s recent health issues, his character’s appearance on screen meant much more to fans.

Val previously stated his enthusiasm to work with Tom Cruise again, saying that meeting Tom again “felt like no time had passed at all.”

Even though everyone was overjoyed to see Val Kilmer return for this long-awaited sequel, there were definitely two individuals who were delighted the most.

His children, Mercedes and Jack, were present. His daughter posted photos from the set with remarks. “Finally, I’m allowed to post these photos from the @topgunmovie set.” “Maverick is now free!”

In the shot, she and her brother Jack are wearing pilot hats, and her brother is wearing his aviator spectacles. Jack is also very similar to a young Val Kilmer.

In the final photo, there was a father and daughter hugging, maybe because Mercedes’s father was on set. It’s fantastic that his daughter and son were able to join him on the set and see him at work.

Jack, his baby son, looks just like his famous father. The parallels are astonishing!

Val’s health has been poor in recent years, and certain issues remain. We wish him good health despite the fact that he has been doing well.

It’s always wonderful to see a father’s bond with his children. We wish Val Kilmer and his family the best of health!