Girl singing «Unchained Melody» forces him to make a beautiful double take

A throng gathers, and the video goes viral when two teenage buskers play through a popular tune from the 1950s and 1960s. Who are these two velvet-voiced singers? You should hurry up and get on the bandwagon so you can claim to have heard them before they became famous.

Allie Sherlock and Cuan Durkin are two Irish buskers who met on Grafton Street, Dublin’s prime retail area.
In this video, they perform the timeless «Unchained Melody.»

Allie Sherlock rose to prominence after a video of her performing Ed Sheeran’s «Supermarket Flowers» went viral. She was transported to the United States for an episode of the Ellen program and is now a household name.

She was twelve years old at the time of the Sheeran cover. How many kids that age have such a beautiful voice?

Her duet partner is another rising star. Cuan Durkin is another Grafton Street busker.

You’ll want to remember that name so you can say you knew him back then.

One YouTuber couldn’t stop herself from commenting on Allie’s lovely duet companion.

«Omg… the way he smiles and stares at you! So nice and adorable!»

Many more people agree. And when he hits the high notes, he sounds like smooth chocolate ice cream.
Allie’s voice is likewise quite powerful, making them the ideal duet partners.

The Righteous Brothers made «Unchained Melody» famous and standard when they recorded it in 1965. The song saw a rebirth in 1990 when it was utilized in a critical scene in the film «Ghost.»

When Allie and Cuan pluck their guitars and sing into the microphone while busking on Grafton Street, they do the song justice.

Grafton Street was closed to automotive traffic in 1983, and it is now one of Ireland’s premier retail and dining attractions. On a daily basis, you may hear aspiring singers perform for the general audience.

Many of Ireland’s best singers and composers have passed through Dublin’s Grafton Street. When busy consumers pause and forget that they were busy shopping, someone’s degree of ability is always visible. Grafton Street, located in the center of Dublin, is a massively popular shopping strip. Both tourists and locals go there to see and be seen.

Many of today’s notable artists have worked on Ireland’s most famous retail strip.
Artists such as Bono of U2, Damien Rice, and Glen Hansard. Allie and Cuan intend to continue on that route, and with regular visits to the street, they have established themselves as regulars. Millions of people watch their videos.

Will the Grafton Street tradition continue in 2020?
The Swell Season’s Glen Hansard hosts an annual Christmas Eve impromptu busking performance on Grafton Street, when prominent singers and composers are asked to perform. Bono returned to Grafton Street for the fundraiser performance in 2019. The earnings will go to a homeless charity. It is now a Grafton Street holiday tradition. Will COVID-19, however, change that? Everyone certainly hopes so.

The YouTube comments are pouring in, and the general conclusion is stunning.

«One of the most beautiful songs ever written, Allie sang it so well. She is truly blessed!»
«They’re good.» Young, cool, with a sense of humor and a strong desire to live and sing «Good stewards of the songs.»
«Oh my gosh, this was absolutely stunning.» I enjoyed the way he looked at you and you at him while singing those sections!»

Allie enjoys a certain scene in the video. Cuan is pleased when she hits the high notes. His expression says it all.

Many people have heard Allie’s deep and wonderful voice, both online and in person. It’s fascinating to observe Cuan respond as though he’s only now becoming aware of the emotional force in her voice.

These two Irish singers are poised to break into the mainstream music scene. But for the time being, you may be one of the few who heard them before they became famous. I’m sure you know someone else who loves this song and would love to watch two young Dublin talents sing it superbly.

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