He was once the world’s most famous rock star, but now he is unrecognizable…

While on vacation with his wife, Nancy Shevell, in St. Barths, Sir Paul McCartney, the legendary musician who rose to prominence as a member of The Beatles, recently wore a man bun. Despite the global holiday restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the 78-year-old artist appeared to be thoroughly enjoying his once-a-year Caribbean vacation.

Even as he approaches his 80th birthday, McCartney continues to demonstrate his youthful energy by trying out various haircuts. Nancy, his wife, looked stunning in a pink top, a brown hat, and oversized sunglasses.

McCartney and the other Beatles were known for their different haircuts throughout their careers. McCartney, in particular, has had long hair for much of his life.

His recent embrace of personal bun design and style demonstrates his continued desire to experiment with his appearance. McCartney made news in 2018 when he quit coloring his hair and accepted his natural gray color, signaling a significant departure from his long-standing red hair.

McCartney’s Christmas break year was rather active, with a vacation to St. Barts and the release of his new album, “McCartney III,” which he penned and recorded throughout the lockdown. In a promotional job interview with actor Idris Elba, McCartney stated that he did not intend to record an album during the lockdown; it happened naturally.

“Everyone cleaned out their closets and completed what they had planned to accomplish. “Creating an album was like that for me,” he stated. “I was completely unaware of the concept of creating an album.” So I had ten tracks and wondered, ‘What am I going to do with them?’ I had no idea I was making an album, so I only recorded ten songs.

Concerning the album’s title, McCartney told Elba that the name “McCartney III” was an obvious choice, indicating the solo character of the project and its connection with his previous solo albums, “McCartney I” and “McCartney II.” “I understood that I had done McCartney I and McCartney II in a similar design; therefore, this was McCartney III. So I imagined, ‘Okay, I know what I’m doing.'”