Hiker who went missing in California shared harrowing new details about his experience…

On June 11, Lukas McClish headed out for a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just like any other hike he had trained for. He was so ordinary that he wore no shirt at all.

McClish lost his way in the mountains, taking longer than he had anticipated—the hike should have taken three hours.

Six days after beginning the hike, he did not show up for a Father’s Day dinner. Four days later, someone reported him missing.

The landscaper told ABC 7 LA that recent wildfires had destroyed many landmarks in California, making it difficult for him to navigate.

“There is one thing that I didn’t consider,” he remarked. “It turns into a desert, and you can’t find your way around when the fire comes through like that and decimates it.”

Although McClish was able to locate a consistent source of water, he still had to worry about other potential fatalities in addition to dehydration.

He revealed that, while lost in the woods, he saw a mountain lion pursuing him.

Luckily for McClish, the mountain lion avoided getting too close to him.

McClish remarked, “I guess he was a pretty cool lion; he kept his distance,” recalling the experience.

McClish said his albinism required him to seek shade when outdoors.

In addition, even though he had located a water source, the 34-year-old revealed that his only source of nutrition was wild berries.

He was constantly yearning for something far heartier.

He described how he made the request, saying, “Just ‘Help, help.'” I’m in this area. or “Is there anyone out there?” After the first five days, I started to kind of realize that I could be in over my head, and every day I would think, “I want a burrito and a taco bowl.”

“Every day I hoped they would find me before 8 p.m. so I could get a taco bowl and burrito,” he continued.

A multi-agency search led to the discovery and rescue of McClish. The hospital examined him and then allowed him to have the taco bowl and burrito he had been dying for.

That burrito and taco bowl had to have been the greatest thing ever.