The grandmother shares photos of herself without her entire body covered in tattoos

German grandma Kerstin Tristan, 56, has spent £25,000 getting a custom canvas tattooed on her body, which has completely changed the way she feels about herself. In her inked tapestry, she has leopard print on her shoulders and vivid blooms on her legs.

In addition to her appearance, her body image has changed. With more than 195,000 Instagram followers, she has received accolades for being a “beautiful work of art.”

Kerstin’s statement, “When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful meadow full of flowers that one has to love,” demonstrates her deep connection to her tattoos. Ten years ago, she hated tattoos, but her discontent with her appearance prompted her self-expression.

When comparing old pictures of herself with her current appearance, her change is evident. Her story demonstrates the transformative potential of accepting oneself for who you really are, regardless of your age or social standing. Kerstin’s narrative encourages us to embrace uniqueness and self-expression.