His amazing performance with powerful voice makes him pass to the next stage

Vladislav Tyukin is a talented kid performer who won the «Voice-children» competition. He was born in Saint Petersburg. The youngster, who is twelve years old, can sing brilliantly in both English and Russian. His command of Russian music offered him a significant advantage over the crowd.

Vladislav Tyukin was born in 2008 into an aviator and a musician household. Both his father and mother bestowed skills on the youngster. From a young age, he was fascinated with airplanes and everything linked to them. His mother, Irina, a skilled pianist and vocalist, also supports him in his artistic aspirations. According to him, Vladislav was interested in music. She and her spouse made no offer to her.

From the age of four, Vlasislav’s mother was his only caregiver. This, however, does not prevent him from having friendly connections with his father. He continues to encourage and support his child in all of his activities. Vladislav began playing the piano at the age of seven, and he fell in love with singing at the age of 10. Vladislav possesses exceptional voice ability. He was seen right away. He competed in the «Variety Stars» competition in 2018. Even though he did not receive any awards at the time, the audience remembered him for his charisma and distinct style.

The judges did not like Vladislav right away at the hearing. They subsequently admitted that their singing appeared monotonous and rational. But Vladislav had previously demonstrated his brilliance in prior tournaments. He sang Alla Pugacheva’s song, revealing his whole vocal range. The judges and the crowd were both overjoyed. Everyone agreed that the youngster has a lot of potential. Vlad was also impressive in the finals and superfinals. He did an excellent job with both text and music. He picked Alla Pugacheva’s song for his performance yet again, which contributed to his triumph. Vladislav deserved to win. He should be provided the chance and assistance to discover his talents. Masha Politikova and Lisa Trofimovat were her opponents in the final. This time, Vladislav chose the song «Queen, «Who Wants to Live Forever,» and he was correct. He also expertly sang the song in English, which pleased the judges. Vlad demonstrated to everyone that he was deserving of victory. Because of his qualities and talent, the youngster deserved to win first place.