Homeless guy plays astonishing piano cover of Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’

Donald Gould, a homeless guy in Sarasota, Florida, has won many hearts with his fantastic version of Styx’s “Come Sail Away,” performed on a brightly adorned street piano. This is one of many performances that Gould, a naturally gifted pianist, gives to visitors, demonstrating his extraordinary talent on Sarasota’s sidewalk pianos.

At 51, Gould’s musical path has included a variety of instruments and achievements. Gould’s interest in music began with the clarinet in his infancy and continued during his duty in the United States Marine Corps, prompting him to pursue a degree in music teaching in Michigan. His considerable expertise in music theory and ability to play a variety of instruments backed his desire to educate.

Gould, nearing the end of his degree, had to drop out due to financial issues. Following his wife’s death in 1998 and his son’s custody, he went through a terrible phase. Gould’s narrative, however, took a positive turn when a viral video of him playing piano sparked public support, resulting in a GoFundMe effort to help him rebuild his life.

Thanks to the tremendous response from the internet community, Gould expects to complete his schooling and reconnect with his now-18-year-old son. Beyond his regular concerts, he enjoys teaching any youngster that joins him at the piano, regardless of ability level, exemplifying the character of a real teacher and nurturer.

Watch the video below to learn about Donald Gould’s amazing storytelling and musical skills. Witness his transformation from adversity to optimism via the global language of music.