How many horses are there in this photo? Each person comes up with a different answer but here is the correct one!

There will always be those who believe optical illusions are beyond their comprehension. For unknown reasons, they are essentially unable to recognize the minute differentiations unless someone brings them up.

With their keen visual acuity, some people can immediately distinguish the differences. Who knows, maybe their eyes are more dominant than those of most of us, who have to take a second, third, or even fourth look.

We may be blaming these for being witches.

We are aware of the tricks that transform an older person’s face into a young woman, the rabbit that transforms into a duck, and of course, the 2015 “blue-and-dark versus white-and-gold” controversy.

In any event, the most recent trick to confuse people is a long-standing one.

In fact, I believe my sister once used the image that is currently on the internet as a puzzle when she was almost nothing.

Ponies are the most well-known animal that young kids grow fascinated on, perhaps because there are so many various types and tones that each one is actually fantastic and original.

In spite of this, the image of what appears to be a group of ponies actually tricks your mind.

You’ll see when you look that the creatures are hidden in the backdrop and that it takes attention to actually see them. How many ponies can you count in the picture?