As soon as the second song earns the golden buzzer, Simon leaves the stage…

Without her knowledge, her girl had recruited them for the show. It’s one of the most enduring audition experiences from Britain’s Got Talent.

The judges were affected by the combo of daughter and mother singers Honey and Sammy, who were performing to honor Sammy’s 43rd birthday. They also praised their remarkable talent.

This audition will not be quickly forgotten.

I’m always amazed when mothers and daughters collaborate, Simon Cowell said at the start of the pre-audition talk. Whose concept was that?

“Mine,” replies Honey. I didn’t tell her I was logging in. Why do you believe it was so crucial that you did everything with your mother? Simon went on.

The 14-year-old said, “My mother got diagnosed within the last few years.

The finest thing that has occurred to me after a challenging few years is being here and with my mum.

I never imagined that singing in the vehicle with my mother would bring us to this point. The tough teenager is able to control her tears.

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