In this popular video, veterans stand up and dance to Boogie Woogie music inside an airport… Watch it here!

Veterans can use Honor Flights’ complimentary transportation services to visit the city’s numerous war memorials. It is appropriate that the firm does this because these memorials were constructed to memorialize these heroes.

At Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport in 2015, many veterans were awaiting their honor flight. Their happy moment was captured on camera and uploaded on YouTube, where it has already received over a million views.

The tranquil atmosphere in the terminal quickly changed to excitement as the men got up to dance in response to three women singing “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” in the background. The Andrew Sisters song was performed by the trio of women, known as the Three Ladies of Liberty, and it brought back fond memories for passengers at the airport.

His close buddy offered the first man to stand up a cane, which he gladly declined. Then, as seen in the video, he breaks into a full dance routine like a pro. The phrase “you can never be too old” was used by one YouTube user in their comment.

Many of the first men to dance followed in his footsteps and began dancing as well. We wonder if they were all great dancers back then based on their movements.

Merin Perryman and Paul Kopey, two of the dancing men, are both in their 90s! Both the local audience and the millions of viewers they attracted online were inspired by the entertainment they produced.

A significant portion of the crowd was moved by the sight of guys who had been brought together by sorrow yet still showed such joy. Even other passengers at the airport sprang up to join the men. Check out the video of this joyful occasion below!

Who would have imagined that a song from the 1940s would still be able to motivate so many people online today? Hero, I appreciate your service! Without your bravery and sacrifice, our nation would not be the same. Please let us know what you think as well!

Here is the video: