It takes only a few second for the judges to turn around as this 11-year-old girl leaves everyone in amazement…

A talent competition called The Voice looks for the best vocalists in the world. For a special season of the show, children can try out. Georgia, the eleven-year-old, caught everyone by surprise in a flash.

After just a few lines of “The House of the Rising Sun,” every trainer turned around and began vying to be given the opportunity to work with this extraordinary young woman.

As they witnessed their friends and families being welcomed with such warmth, her relatives wept with delight. The young girl’s voice, Georgia, startled the audience members.

All you have to do to understand how amazing Georgia is is to observe the coaches’ expressions of utter and utter disbelief. Her rendition of the Animals’ song sounds almost exactly like the original.

The trainers mimicked Georgia’s actions by sashaying about in order to get the honor of leading this new face in songs. Nobody wants to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Voice has the ability to unearth previously untapped talent. No matter how many times the TV show airs, outstanding vocalists are always present to dazzle the audience.

Georgia will have a challenging journey. She will advance thanks to her talent. We can’t wait to hear more of this brilliant young woman’s covers and original songs.

Here is the video: