Jennifer Lopez Discloses the SECRET to Keeping Skin Young at 53…

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Lopez, you probably want to know how the actress stays so young-looking. Despite being 53 years old, she still appears young and ageless.

Have we mentioned how flawless her skin was for days? It’s fair to say that she’s a hot mom and an inspiration to a lot of women who think that age is just a number.

After stating that she spanks her kids when they don’t listen to her, a mother triggered a contentious internet debate.

Brittney Coble used TikTok to illustrate that she has five kids, who range in age from two to 10. She has, however, generated controversy on social media because many parents disapprove of the way she raises her kids.

“I’ve noticed a trend on TikTok where mothers are discussing activities they engage in with their children that most parents wouldn’t approve of, and given that the majority of TikTok mothers already despise me,

I reasoned, “Why not?” “One, as you may have surmised, is that I whop my children,” the mother of five elucidated. I usually give them a verbal warning; I don’t always anticipate that they will pay attention the first time I ask, but if I have to ask two or three times and I’ve already stated what you need to do and you’re just openly ignoring me, you’re going to have your a** whipped. That is simply how things are.

Additionally, Brittney mentioned that she gives her kids responsibilities. “The two and four-year-old get a bit sidetracked, but I give them tiny duties […] and I kind of just refocus them if they get a little sidetracked,” the mother said.

My older kids, however, have big kid tasks. They contribute by doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, and cleaning the toilet. Last but not least, I raise my boys as boys and my girl as a girl, without any questions.

Many parents expressed displeasure with her parenting approach, with one requesting that she stop beating her kids. Another person said, “Child abuse teaches them dread, not respect. A third responded, “So you don’t know how to teach your children right and instill knowledge in them without using force.” nice.” Another person chimed in, “There are methods to get respect from other people without harming them.

She was supported by others, one of whom said, “Omg, finally a parent who truly parents.” Another person wrote, “Yasss queen! I have a boy who is three and a half, a girl who is one and a half, and a baby who is six months old.

“The baby will have chores when she walks, and the older two do too.” What do you think about the situation? Share this tale with your relatives and friends and tell us in the comments what happened!