Julia Roberts revealed how she looks without makeup… Here are some pictures she shared!

Julia Roberts, a well-known actress and Hollywood icon, has never used too much cosmetics.

At social gatherings, she concentrates on her hair and dress rather than her cosmetics, which is always subtle and simple.

But a lot of people are curious about how she seems away from the camera and the screen.

While the actress was lounging, strolling, or shopping, a number of journalists and paparazzi attempted to photograph her.

Pictures of Roberts strolling in a park have surfaced online. Despite the fact that she has 53 years on her, she still looks wonderful – natural and youthful.

Many supporters remarked that she should serve as an inspiration for all women. Some young actors are unable to talk about having such good skin and physical conditions.

There are stars in today’s entertainment industry that are difficult to identify without a lot of makeup.

In contrast, Julia Roberts appears much better without makeup!

Despite being a mother of three children, the actress also exudes an exquisite physique.

Her easy trick is leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, and exercising.