This student starts to cry at his graduation ceremony because…

A kid who had just graduated grieved because his parents had disappointed him by missing his big day. God did not abandon Jeric Rivas like he did his family.

He revealed to everyone on social media that he never truly felt his parents stood by him in times of need.

He puts in a lot of effort and is a terrific student, but his family has never seen him receive recognition at school.

Jeric stated that he won a medal for receiving the top grade in his class in elementary school, but no one from his family was there to see it happen.

At another high school function, he invited a classmate to bring their parents up on stage with him.

Despite the lack of encouragement from his family, he chose to leave his hometown in order to complete a bachelor’s degree in the science of criminology.

Jeric was motivated to complete his studies and worked in a factory, a fast food restaurant, and even home cleaning to pay for his own tuition at a prominent university.

Jeric simply thought his family should have been present to see him receive his confirmation on the day of his graduation, but that didn’t happen.

He described the devastating moment on social media with the words “I just felt like my tears were flowing, and I just sat on the side,” adding the words “I feel jealous.”

Even while he sobbed and sat by the side of the stage, God had a wonderful plan for him.

One of Jeric Rivas’ instructors made an unexpected choice because they were aware of how hard Jeric had worked in school and that no one from his family had attended his graduation.

As Jeric walked up to the podium to receive his diploma, his professor offered him a warm hug.

He was not alone.

His instructors and classmates encouraged him and were quite proud of him.

Jeric expressed his appreciation for everyone who helped him succeed on social media, particularly his parents.

From complete strangers all around the world, he received letters of love and encouragement.

Jeric was the first child in his family to graduate from high school.

His parents’ lack of interest in his accomplishment hurt him, but God provided him with encouragement from individuals he didn’t know, which made him pleased on his big day.