Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman are recreating epic RHOSLC fight!

Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman are putting their well-known acting talents to work.

During a recent Watch What Happens Live visit to promote Netflix’s May December, presenter Andy Cohen had the co-stars do a theatrical reading of a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City dispute.

The dramatic brawl took place in Season 4 of RHOSLC between veteran Lisa Barlow and newcomer Monica Garcia, who had a heated disagreement during co-star Whitney Rose’s sound bath jewelry company launch.

Moore, who plays Monica in Salt Lake City, informs Portman (as Lisa) in the now-viral re-enactment: «Lisa! You’re like a tiny tramp stamp, seeking attention wherever you go.»

Portman responds in character, saying, «If this is what mediocre looks like, I am so happy being mediocre.»

The sequence ended with cheers from the studio audience. «I have to say, the text was better than I thought it would be on that,» host Cohen remarked of the performance. Moore concurred, saying, «It was pretty strong.»

Monica and Lisa of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City were among the first to notice the viral reproduction, with the former adding, «OMFFFGGGGG. SHUT UUPPPPP» beneath the WWHL video on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Lisa from RHOSLC just wrote «Queens» with cry-laughing and loving emojis.

Moore and Portman’s Housewives skit was as well received, with many calling it «an iconic performance.»

«They might not understand what they’re saying, but they always understand the assignment,» a member of the audience said. «Academy Award winners portraying Housewives should be a new Oscar category,» another Instagram user wrote.

«Can this just be its own show?!» one fan asked. «That hug at the end screams, ‘We both have Oscars; how did this happen?'» one joked.