Just see how this 7 years old baby look like…

Seven years ago, Samuel Silva was born in the country of Brazil. During that time period, no one had ever seen a newborn baby with such an extraordinary appearance before.

His hair and features, which were both white and black, surprised everyone even to this day.

His presence at once garnered the attention of the media, which ultimately led to his rise to stardom.

A career in modeling had to wait till after he was two years old.

Since then, he has signed a number of contracts, and he spent the majority of his childhood performing in front of cameras.

It is also common knowledge that this peculiar appearance has hereditary roots.

Kid’s mother, in her turn, has always had some complexes, but his boy, who has the same diagnosis and anomaly, is even delighted that he is not an ordinary boy.

Boy’s mother in her turn has always had some complexes.

He had been successful in a number of auditions. Had previously witnessed in well-known clothing brand’s fashion displays.

There are well-known toy businesses in Brazil that sell dolls that have a similar appearance to Samuel and are for sale.

I think that would be incredibly fun for a little boy to have, what are your thoughts?