Kelly Clarkson admits that she won’t completely rule out punishing if her children do not listen to her…

Do you know anything? Where I was born and raised, it occurs.

Where I grew up, people are kind and will open doors for you, thank you very much, and ask respectfully for goods.

They also display considerable deference. We parents are free to discipline our kids any way we see fit as long as they won’t be harmed.

Parenting ideologies differ. While most people consider a light spanking to be a kind of child abuse, some contend that you are merely attempting to teach them a lesson.

Kelly shared her opinions. Kelly’s parenting style was discussed during the conversation.

She continued by saying that now that she is the mother of two adorable kids named River and Remy and the stepmom to two older kids, spanking is an effective method of discipline for her.

The accomplished singer and broadcaster say she spanks her kids.

I’m not above a spanking, which people aren’t usually into, she admitted in her interview.

I’m not going to hit her hard either. I just wanted to spank. She spoke truthfully.

She didn’t think it was appropriate to challenge this parenting style since it had worked for her.

She claimed that she never hurts her kids. She wanted everyone to realize that spanking is just spanking and her kids aren’t getting hurt at all.

She claimed that as a native of Fort Worth, Texas, spanking was a common practice there.

It was a part of how she was raised. She even acknowledged that when she was younger, she had been spanked.

The well-known person genuinely believes that sometimes children need to be disciplined in this way in order for them to learn appropriate behavior.

Discipline problems are obvious. She talks about coming across kids who were spoiled and, in her perspective, showed no signs of having gotten any sort of correction in an interview with ET Canada.

“You know what, wherever I did grow up, it occurs, and where I did grow up, people are pleasant and they open a door, and they express gratitude to you and they ask respectfully, and they’re courteous,” she said in a statement to ET Canada.

It is not a common practice. She did add, though, that she does not smack the kids right away.

She warns them before she hits them. She has a great deal of patience with her kids.

I do not allow her! Hey, this is crazy, and if you don’t stop it right away, I’m going to sl.ap your bottom.

She never sought to hurt, control, or otherwise negatively effect her kids, unlike what many people think.

She is imposing it because she used it as a form of punishment when she was younger and she is sure it works.

A few are present. But she also admitted that, as a well-known person, she is aware of the time and how improper it would be for her to spank her kids in public.

“That’s a tricky issue because then folks are like, you know, they think it’s insane or something like, but I don’t see anything horrible with a spanking,” Kelly stated to Audacy.

We all have our own methods for correcting our kids, and we are all aware of which ones work and which don’t.

Every situation is different. We only want the best for our kids; we want them to grow up to be kind, decent, and considerate people.

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