Ina Garten and her spouse have been together since they were 15… Here is how they live decades after that!

These two’s remarkable 53-year love journey has been greatly affected by their love letters.

It’s rare to find someone who would commit to you for the rest of their lives.

It is also true that not everyone will be able to recognize real love when it does come.

Some people, however, just so happen to meet the person they were meant to spend their lives with; some of them even do so when they are still in their teens!

Actress Ina is among these lucky individuals.

The Barefoot Contessa actress and her longtime companion Jeffrey are married, and their enduring love serves as an example to others.

She first encountered the performer, now 71, when she was only 15 years old.

It was 1963, and she was visiting her brother at Dartmouth College when she first met him. He was a student there as well.

She claimed that he sent her a note and a picture of himself in the mail after spotting her on the road.

Ina remembers getting his letter like it was yesterday.

The actress can still clearly recall her initial emotions after reading the note from her potential mate.

“Mom, Mom, you have to see this image of this boy,” she pleaded. He’s very cute!

After that, they started dating, and five years later they got engaged. The relevant year was 1968.

A year after their wedding, Jeff had to deploy with the military to Thailand.

The only means of communication available to the couple at the time was letter writing.

While their relationship was still young, they had to spend time apart, but they overcame it.

According to Jeff, he purportedly wrote to his wife every day. He was thinking exclusively about her.

The two could only speak over the phone once a year, and even then, the conversation was too brief to cover everything they wanted to.

Letters became their primary form of communication, and how they did it is an important part of their love story.

When he came back, the two of them were always looking for ways to bond through similar interests.

They went out on dates and even made Paris their second home.

On their wedding anniversaries, they would visit the town every year.

Jeff used to make the daily trip to Connecticut to teach at the Yale School of Management.

Ina was the reverse, working from their East Hampton, New York, home.

They only got together every Saturday. For the next 40 years, they kept the same routine, and every time, Jeff would send Ina a loving note, making her day.

When the epidemic first began, the couple had the opportunity to live together and in their home.

Despite the fact that they were spending every day together and loved it, Jeff kept up his loving correspondence with his wife.

It was this that made their love grow stronger and raised their story to the level of “couple aspirations.”

What a sweet love story, no? Moreover, after 53 years of marriage! Such care and love are simply amazing.

To understand more about this fantastic couple’s romantic drama, watch the video.

Let’s be kind to this adorable pair; they earned it because they succeeded.

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