Kelly Clarkson breaks down in tears during her interview with Hoda Kotb after hearing about her emotional motherhood experience…

Hoda Kotb and Kelly Clarkson discuss a life-changing experience Hoda experienced soon after adopting her first child, Haley Joy. Kelly is in tears as a result of Hoda’s words.

As the co-host of The Today Show’s 4th hour, Hoda has been a constant on our televisions for years. She recently joined Savannah Guthrie as co-anchors of the adored morning show.

Hoda was at the top of her game professionally, but her personal life lacked something. In February 2017, when she adopted a baby girl called Haley Joy, that gap was filled. Then, with the adoption of Hope in April 2019, Hoda brought even more girl to the group.

Hoda Kotb talks about her recent engagement and her road toward parenthood today on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Having Children
Hoda always got the same query before she became a mother.

“People have asked me “Do you have kids?” throughout my entire life, and I have always responded, “Oh, I have two nieces.”

But one day, not long after adopting Haley Joy, a random person posed this usual query. Hoda’s reply, however, completely shocked her.

“I announced that I have a daughter. I repeatedly said it. My daughter is here. And at that that moment, it seemed so meaningful to me.

Host Kelly was seen wiping away emotions as Hoda narrated the touching encounter. What a revelation that changed my life!

Kelly Clarkson began to cry as Hoda Kotb resumed her narrative, describing why she chose to adopt Baby Hope in order to give Haley Joy a sibling.

It is very lovely to see someone treasure the little things in life and share these priceless memories.

We only have lifetime happiness for Hoda, her new family, and her forthcoming marriage in mind.

Here is the video: