A spontaneous dance performance between an Orlando bus driver and a young girl warms hearts everywhere… Watch it here!

A touching video of a mother and daughter performing to a Taylor Swift song on a bus was posted online by photographer Brette-Ashley.

When Emerson noticed “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift playing on the bus in Orlando, she rocked out to it and told the driver how much she loved the song.

Brette-Ashley captioned the video, writing, “Favourite part from our trip so far.”

“This is my favorite song,” Emerson told our bus driver before getting off the bus.

While still seated, the driver turned up the music, engaged in the dance, and grinned broadly the entire time. Emerson sang a duet with the driver while donning a darling black-and-white garment that spun as she moved.

The driver’s consideration and passion for the photographer’s daughter touched the Rochester, New York-based photographer.

With over 2.6 million views, the video has already become popular. “My phone is exploding… Evidently, Emerson’s video is suddenly becoming very popular. Brette-Ashley posted on Facebook on February 21.

It would be crazy, she tweeted, “if @theellenshow @taylorswift could find this beautiful guy for bringing so much joy.”

By assisting in identifying the driver, viewers are also acting as investigators and attempting to solve the case. They were given several hints by Brette-Ashley, including the fact that the family had been in Orlando, Florida, and was on its way home from Sea World when they met the driver.

Brette-Ashley received a name and a link from a Facebook user named Tara Duprez that has since been taken down. Duprez commented on the photographer’s post, “His name is Fred.”

According to Brette-Ashley, she messaged Fred, which might lead to the puzzle’s eventual solution.

Nevertheless, the unbridled delight of a young child upon hearing her favorite song played and the willingness of an adult to play along has undoubtedly warmed the hearts of thousands of others across the nation.

Check out the adorable video of her below!