Literally every person in this restaurant was trying to make the baby laugh… Soon, here is what happened…

Children are joyous creatures that, by nature, are naive and find delight in everything. However, kids are unable to comprehend the anxiety and worry that come with being an adult. This assertion was recently supported by an incident at a restaurant.

The incident happened in a Greenfield, New York, eatery. The eatery was packed with patrons who were all confined inside owing to a severe downpour. Sadly, Jen and her family were among them as well.

While the majority of diners waited for the rain to stop, Jen’s toddler son, Liam, made the most of the situation. He suddenly raised his arms to display his muscles.

The toddler was exaggerated by the diners at the table behind them. They soon had the support of the entire restaurant. People in the restaurant immediately joined Liam in raising their hands and applauding him as soon as he did.

The bartenders and chef soon joined in on the toddler’s hype as they emerged from the kitchen. Liam thoroughly liked the entire five-minute duration of this encounter.

Every time patrons of the restaurant applauded him and raised their hands in the air after him, Liam chuckled. Additionally, some of the visitors chose to use their iPhones to record the event.

This incident served as adequate evidence of children’s innocence. A group of diners who were total strangers came together to enjoy the moment thanks to Liam’s small movements. Since laughing is the best medicine, a toddler is the person who can make you laugh the most.