Liza Minnelli beautifully performed on stage and earned Lady Gaga’s applause…

There were plenty of historic moments at the Oscars. One involved Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga. The two came out to give the “Best Picture” award as the evening was coming to a close.

The audience stood up as soon as Liza entered the stage. They responded with thunderous applause that continued for quite some time. The speakers had to wait their turn.

While whipping up the crowd by mentioning the 50th anniversary of Liza’s performance in “Cabaret,” Lady Gaga had her hand on Liza’s shoulder. You see that the public, they love you, Lady Gaga told Liza.

Minnelli, who received an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1972, starred in the musical “Cabaret.” The renowned Bob Fosse directed the film. Liza’s talented mother, Judy Garland, may have been the source of her abilities.

“I’m pleased to deliver the evening’s grand prize with a true show business legend,” declares Lady Gaga. More rousing cheers are given by the celebrity audience in response.

As Liza starts to give the “Best Picture” award, she makes a few grammatical errors. Liza receives a pat on the shoulder from Lady Gaga, who leans in and says, “I got you.”

Liza beams as Lady Gaga continues the presentation. Saving Liza while she battled with the notecards was a thoughtful move. Everyone admired Gaga’s generosity and sympathy.

Here is the video: