Meghan and Harry enjoy a comfortable daily schedule with Archie and Lili in their beautiful US home…

Meghan Markle discussed her and Harry’s bedtime ritual and their comfortable life in California with their children.

She discussed her and Harry’s relationship and daily routine while disclosing her kids’ current TV preferences.

Meghan Markle gave us a glimpse inside her family’s lives in their California mansion during an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair. Living in a picturesque estate worth 16 million dollars, Markle, Prince Harry, and their two children, Lilibet and Archie, are featured in a later section of this piece.

However, we experienced a day in the life of the Sussex family. According to the actress, Harry and she share an office and live a work-from-home lifestyle.

According to reports, the royal couple like working from home since it allows them to spend more time with their children. It enables us to spend a lot of time with our children at this most important stage in their lives, according to Markle. We won’t have this time back.

But before they start discussing business matters, the pair will get the kids ready for the day, and Markle will begin cooking breakfast.

Markle revealed that after everyone has eaten, she and Harry will make joint Zoom calls while attempting to divide their focus between the children.

She did add, though, that Harry works a 24-hour schedule, so on some days, the prince will begin his working day while the majority of humanity is sleeping.

Although she acknowledged it was not the ideal circumstance for her, the actress claimed she had the exact opposite schedule while living in England. Her husband, however, has adjusted nicely. Driving out for quick snacks, coffee runs, or frequent trips to the kitchen is another perk of working from home.

Nevertheless, Markle admitted that she and Harry only go on snack runs when they have back-to-back meetings in the city because their residence is two hours away from Los Angeles.

In such situation, the “Suits” alum predicted that their typical day would involve eating enormous cookies and, occasionally, Harry’s preferred restaurant, In-N-Out Burger. The staff, according to Markle, loves it every time they come in and already knows what to order.

Variety also questioned what Harry and Markle were watching, but the actress said that the only time the TV might be on is after the kids are in bed and after she has finished her ten minutes of French lessons on Duolingo.

The Duchess of Sussex is attempting to refresh her memory after studying French for four years in high school, Markle claimed when she first started learning the language.