When 200 children joined him, the singer’s rendition of the well-known song “You raise me up” transformed into a magical performance… Video attached!

I just wrote an essay about a beautiful performance of “You Raise Me Up,” one of my all-time favorite motivational songs.

Many musicians and vocalists have performed covers of this song over the years.

The Norwegian-Irish band Secret Garden served as the basis for this song’s inspiration.

They composed and performed the song.

Later, in 2002, they sang this song alongside Brian Kennedy, who was at the time having a little hit in the UK.

The only reason Josh Groban’s rendition of this song was a great hit in the US is because of it.

The song then became extremely popular and was repeatedly covered, motivating millions of people all around the world.

The heartfelt and enduring words of this song are one of the main factors contributing to its enormous success.

This song is so well-known that it serves as the national anthem for the Norwegian football team, is frequently aired on television, and is also used by several figure skaters.

Anyone can relate to the folks who provided us with food, support, and assistance during trying times because it is so emotional.

They contributed to our success, which we now take for granted, and we are grateful for that.

YouTube personality Peter Hollens recently sang this song.

At first, he sung the song all by himself.

The song then included a big number of excellent singers.

Despite Peter’s strong and beautiful voice alone, the song is even more charming and moving when they all join in at once.

They were all angelic voices.

In order to create a rawer, more powerful sound, they all sing together.

Watch the video here: