Mom has amazing reaction to her 2-month-old saying, “I love you”

In a heartwarming video, a devoted mother captures the moment when her 8-week-old baby says, “I love you.” For any parent, hearing their child speak their first words is always a remarkable experience.

Most infants begin making sounds that indicate recognition of their parents’ names or their desires, like a toy or a bottle of milk, by the age of six months.

Identifying these words can be challenging because newborns produce a variety of noises, including cries, to communicate their needs.

A recent YouTube video showing an 8-week-old baby repeating her mother’s words, “I love you,” surprised many viewers. The mother captured the interaction using a camera.

The baby appeared joyful as her mother talked to her about past Christmas experiences, eliciting encouraging sounds and wide smiles.

While opinions may differ among viewers, the mother felt fortunate to witness such a beautiful moment with her child.

Regularly engaging with your child, providing encouragement, and conversing with them as they gaze at you helps foster their intellectual development in speaking and listening skills. Therefore, maintaining regular communication with your child while tending to other household tasks can be beneficial.