Monkey waiters are hired by a Japanese restaurant… You will be taken aback to see how they work!

Due to a shortage of patrons, the proprietor of a Japanese restaurant considered closing the business. For amusement, he attempted to use a trained monkey as a waiter on one of the last days.

The restaurant’s patrons now reserve tables months in advance to see the unique waiter, much to the owner’s amazement that the monkey understood his responsibilities properly.

The Kayabukiya Tavern was designed to resemble a traditional sake house in Japan. Such places are common, especially in tiny towns, which helped to explain why the institution was unwelcome. All of it changed when the macaque Yat-chan showed up.

Yat-chan is a sixteen-year-old. It was given to the owner, Kaoru Otsuka, by a friend. He frequently brought the monkey to work, and it seems that the astute animal picked up trade secrets from the servers there.

«At first, I assigned her easy assignments. Taking menus and napkins. However, Yat-chan now serves beverages and receives orders from clients who write them down on customized order forms,» Kaoru Otsuka told the media.

This marketing ploy assisted the restaurant in becoming well-known in addition to helping it “stay afloat.” Visitors come to the establishment from all across the nation to observe the odd waiters.

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