A couple spent over $2 million and over 21 years planting trees in a desert to create their ideal landscape… Find the result here!

Samwell is a considerate and compassionate person who has a big heart. He previously resided in the state’s highly forested interior, and he still derives great satisfaction in the natural world.

Nevertheless, he had to leave his country due to unavoidable circumstances.

Samwell returned to his hometown a few years later, having no connection to it yet, and was astonished to discover Rio there.

All of the trees were cut down, leaving the region that was once forested as a desolation.

He was only allowed to act as an observer every day, and the events he witnessed would have been difficult for anyone to comprehend.

The woman urged her spouse that try to repair the forest in the light of what she had observed, and he agreed.

The first seeds were planted by the group in December 1999, which signaled the start of a big transformation.

To re-establish the local forest, they planted over 300 different kinds of trees.

Nearly two million trees were planted all throughout Brazil by the pair during the course of their twenty-one-year endeavor. The nation’s natural beauty had to be restored.

As a result, many different species of animals inhabited the new forest. That also applies to those who will probably vanish shortly. They must have done that out of great kindness.