Newborn infant cuddled her mother immediately after delivery

For the prospective mother, the birth of a child is always a responsible and emotional occasion.

She was mulling over several options.

All of her worries and concerns vanish as she hears, sees, and eventually touches her baby.

Today, we’ll tell you a really heartwarming tale of a woman and her newborn daughter.

This small infant stunned everyone with her mother’s hugs only moments after delivery.

Even though the daughter was born a few years ago, the lovely video and photographs of this emotional event continue to captivate hundreds of people.

The infant, covered in a turquoise blanket, clung to her mother, causing the entire crew to freeze with emotion.

Even television showed footage of such a pleasant event.

“My daughter hugged me for the first time, and it seemed to me an unforgettable feeling!”.

The woman recalls the medical team’s reaction, saying, “All of the staff is just wonderful!”

The remarkable performance and the unusual display of the baby’s adoration stunned everyone.”

Agatha is now approximately three years old; unfortunately, we were unable to find images of the girl at this age, but we can see her perform together when she was still a newborn.