Newborn makes humorous facial expressions like grown-up, and leaves everyone in stitches!

This adorable little girl’s giggling has taken the internet by storm. She couldn’t stop laughing as her father sat her down for a serious chat. Her father wants to ensure she understands the importance of avoiding distractions from men as she matures.

As the camera rolls, her father says, “No boyfriends ever!” He tenderly encourages her to be Daddy’s girl for the rest of her life. While her father continues to speak, this cutie cannot stop giggling. Her father’s tone gets more serious, and she mocks him.

Her smile widens as he explains that she never has to be someone else’s kid. She’s still too little to grasp what her father is saying, but the fact that she keeps giggling is incredibly hilarious.

When this little beauty is a lot older, she and her father may view this film together and chuckle at the lovely moment!

But for now, we can all admire this baby’s lovely response to her father’s extremely serious speech.