No one believed how beautiful this guy was until he covered all of his body with tattoos. PHOTO

Once upon a time, an ordinary American made a decision that would affect the course of his or her life. Tristan got his first tattoo a few years ago and has been adding to it ever since.

Tristan is now covered with intricate ink artwork. He recently astonished his admirers by uploading before-and-after photos of himself. Tristan’s buddies were initially perplexed since they couldn’t figure out who he was in the old photographs.

Tristan didn’t appear like himself in those old photos. He was a redhead with blue eyes who had a traditional Hollywood appearance. Tristan’s followers showered him with compliments and advised him to seek a career in Hollywood since he looked so nice.

Despite all the affection, some people couldn’t keep their melancholy hidden.

«He ruined himself,» a few of the American’s disgruntled pals stated.