Here’s how twins who weigh less than 1.3 pounds look today. PHOTO

Jenny and Rich Powell, a British couple, desired a large family but struggled to conceive for 11 years. Jenny became pregnant with twins after she and her husband decided to use IVF. It was a dream come true for them.

However, because they expected to have the babies sooner than expected, the couple began preparing the nursery ahead of time. Jenny was six months pregnant when she became ill while on vacation in Cornwall.

Her husband took her to the nearest clinic, where doctors recommended they go immediately to an Oxford hospital.

Despite the scary distance, Jenny was flown to the physicians by Coast Guard helicopter the next day, and she gave birth the next day.

The twins, Ruben and Jenson, were born at only 23 weeks of pregnancy and weighed only 1.3 pounds each.

The newborns were kept at the clinic for six months before being discharged home, which was a rare and traumatic situation in British history. They did, however, grow and evolve gradually.

The entire family was overjoyed to commemorate this occasion. By the time Ruben and Jenson turned one, they had caught up to their peers’ development.

They celebrated their first birthday with the Oxford clinic staff and the Coast Guard helicopter crew, both of whom had been critical to their journey.



It’s tough to recall how little the twins were when they were two years old.

We extend to the Powell family our best wishes for happiness, health, and a long life.