Nobody believes the girl when she displays herself without makeup since she appears so different…

When the young woman in question emerged in public without her distinctive facial paint, many people were shocked that she was even the same person.

A young woman named Jordana Line writes a blog on the video-sharing website TikTok where she showcases her amazing makeup skills and the various styles she can get.

Through her videos, she wants to demonstrate to spectators how effective cosmetics are for expressing oneself and changing oneself.

With only one stroke of the makeup brush, you’ll look quite different. The young blogger has more than 500,000 devoted followers already. Jordana frequently introduces her viewers to surprising new videos.

Although it appears that the girl is being photographed by several individuals, she is actually working alone. Line uses a broad range of strategies to produce this startling impact.

These goods are used to prepare the skin before applying both basic and decorative cosmetics.

Because of the magic feats the blogger performs, many viewers enjoy their films. The time and effort required to create many of these appearances, however, makes them unusable in reality.

The blogger does not attempt to hide her identify when advertising. Nevertheless, some people despise her because of her physical flaws.