Nobody gave the mother a congratulations for the birth of her daughter and here is why…

After giving delivery, a mother was unable to understand what was happening when the room fell silent and got tight.

She was terrified to death that her remarks would upset the peace.

Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman, 36, and her spouse Erik, 41, discovered they were expecting a child in 2018 after nine months of trying.

When Bahneman revealed her pregnancy to her sister, sister-in-law, and some of her friends, she was ecstatic.

They all became pregnant around the same time and gave birth to their kids at the same time.

The mother was looking forward to the miraculous child entering this great world. Naturally, the infant opted to safely exit her mother’s womb a month early than anticipated.

In October 2018, Isabella, who occasionally goes by the moniker “Bella,” gave birth to a healthy baby daughter. When she was born, she weighed 512 pounds.

However, what was meant to be a happy occasion became less so with time. Murmurs flooded the room, and Bahneman noted a murky quiet, which troubled him.

She pondered the situation and asked, “Why isn’t anyone wishing me well?”

Why is my partner feeling so nervous and afraid?

Numerous testing and examinations conducted after Bella was transferred to the NICU indicated that the newborn had the uncommon genetic disorder Treacher Collins.

The face bones cannot develop properly as a result.

Isabella was born with a number of problems, including terrible hearing and a restricted flight path.

As a result, the difficult road started, filled with unexpected trips to the hospital and procedures.

Bella had to go to a lot of therapy sessions.

This includes speech treatment, occupational therapy, and music instruction for her hearing difficulties.

After two years, Isabella seemed to be maintaining her quick growth.

However, because of her sickness, this 2-year-old was getting bad social interactions and people were only evaluating her based on how she looked.

Contrarily, the mother said, “We all have distinctive qualities, some of which are more visible than others.

“If everyone in the world were the same, the world would not be as dynamic. The mother wants to carry on teaching and raising awareness of Treacher Collins’ disease.

In general, Bahneman hopes to encourage others to show compassion for the sick.

After all, the only appropriate response to someone who appears different is to do this.